Acquisitions & Donations

The American Friends of the Centre Pompidou supports the Centre Pompidou with significant loans and gifts of art and design. Since 2010, more than 550 works of art valued at more than $50 million have been donated or pledged to the American Friends from a generous group of thoughtful collectors and donors. Please take a moment to browse through some of the spectacular works that are now enhancing the Centre Pompidou collection thanks to our valued friends.



Robert Alice Block 10

Robert Alice
Block 10 (52.5243° N, -0.4362° E), 2021
24k gold leaf, suspended pigment, graphite and aluminum paint and canvas laid down on panel
Signed and dated to the verso
128.5 cm (50.59 in) diameter, weight around 20KG
Ethereum blockchain
ERC-721 token, linked to a 38 seconds 4K video loop 1/1